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Modern Library Expansion

Wednesday, April 29th, 2015

This modern library in the City of Bruges in Belgium is the result of an expansion by Studio Farris Architects. The plot for the expansion was small and located on a busy city street. The designers aimed to make a functional library space that was easily identifiable from the street.

The facade is covered in copper metal panels with windows cut out in key locations. On the interior, white walls combine with the plethora of natural light to create a bright and clean atmosphere. Lounge seating is sprinkled among the bookshelves and book carts.

The small expansion contrasts greatly with the library’s existing white structure. The new structure is unique and fun: a perfect expansion project.

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The Floating Farmhouse Restoration

Wednesday, April 22nd, 2015

This 200 year old farmhouse in upstate New York is nicknamed the Floating Farmhouse. Located on a picturesque creek, this home was purchased in 2002 and renovated for the following ten years. The home owner was careful to preserve the farmhouse’s original design in the renovation process. The owner wanted to keep the home as historically accurate as possible. As a result, some elements in the home are distinctly modern, while other elements seem almost untouched.

The facade is clad in clean white siding which nearly blends in with the home’s snowy environment. The interior features polished concrete floors, rough wood beams, and an oxidized steel fireplace. Most of these materials are original to the structure. Many of the other materials in the home, such as the wood trim and countertops, were sourced locally.

One of the main challenges in the renovation of this home was retrofitting it for the harsh mountain winters. All the windows were replaced with heavy, double-pane glass, all new insulation was installed, and a new biodiesel heating system was put in. The Floating Farmhouse is a gorgeous renovation that is both old and modern, bold and traditional. I couldn’t think of a more beautiful way to restore and renovate an old home. 1  3 5  4 9  8    7  2

NYC Apartment Renovation

Wednesday, April 8th, 2015

A 1400 square foot apartment in New York City received a much needed update from Sweeten, a renovation service. The homeowners of this NYC home wanted a clean and organized space with a large kitchen for cooking. The designers used minimal color in the home, as white walls and floors create a bright and modern aesthetic. Built-in storage emphasizes this aesthetic by hiding clutter, as well as maximizing living space. The kitchen features large white cabinets, white subway tiles, and plenty of countertop space. These simple updates turned an unremarkable home into a center for design and modern living.




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Indoor/Outdoor Living in California

Tuesday, March 31st, 2015

This single-family home in Palo Alto, California is defining indoor/outdoor living for the modern family. This house was built in the 1950’s and features many design elements typical of mid-century homes, such as clean lines and an abundance of glass. This design created the perfect foundation for an upgrade by Klopf Architecture and Arterra Landscape Architects. Expanding on the mid-century design, the architects installed openable walls, allowing the home’s living space to extend to the private side yards. When the walls are open, the living room becomes an outdoor courtyard and the home’s usable square footage increases. This smart renovation takes advantage of both the home’s existing architecture and warm climate. 8 9 10 2 3 5 6 7 4 1

Home Renovation Connects Old and New

Wednesday, March 25th, 2015

On a Victorian street in London sits the charming Highlever House, a complete home renovation and expansion by Haptic Architects. This traditionally designed home features warm brick, large rooms, and ornamental ceilings. Durning renovation, these features were preserved from the original Victorian structure. However, modern elements, such as stark white walls, large windows, and light wood floors, contrast with the Victorian structure of the home.

On the back of the house, the small expansion faces a lush garden. Flat ceilings and oversized windows distinguish this extension from the classic design of the rest of the house. Wood panelling on the exterior goes well with the warm brick on the original portion of the house.

Highlever House is the perfect combination of old and new. Simple design and a bit of risk-taking allow this Victorian Home to embrace a modern style. Overall, this is a perfect renovation and restoration project.

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Unique Home Renovation in Toronto

Wednesday, March 18th, 2015

This fun and modern home in Canada is the result of a unique renovation and extension by Roundabout Studio. The structure was originally two buildings before being connected in 2012. The exterior is a mix of the original dark brick facade and the new stone addition. Soft wood and copper panels add visual interest in select areas.

On the interior, limited windows on the outside walls protect the home from the buys streets of Toronto. An interior courtyard is well-positioned in the center of the home, providing a private outdoor area as well as bringing sunlight to most of the rooms. The floor plan is generally open, allowing the space to accommodate large social gatherings. A mix of concrete and hardwood floors, as well as dark gray walls and a floating staircase, add an artistic flare to the design. The interior is eclectically decorated with art and comfortable furniture.

Overall, this unique home is a well designed renovation and extension that anyone would be happy to call home.

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Lovely Interior Renovation in Brooklyn

Friday, March 6th, 2015


Apartments in New York City can be tricky: they are often small and full of the quirks that come with old houses. This loft in Williamsburg is no exception. The home came with wood ceilings, brick walls, exposed pipes, and large windows. These elements are beautiful and charming, yet they needed a good amount of restoration to bring the apartment up to livable standards. The wood ceilings and beams were checked for water damage and mold. The brick walls were cleaned and painted white. Any leaks in the piping needed to be sealed, and insulating glass needed to be added to the large windows. All of these repairs are part of the standard restoration of buildings.

The finished product is nothing short of lovely. The painted brick merges perfectly with the warm wood ceilings, and the natural wood floors bring an element of lightness to each room. The exposed pipes add an industrial feel that is complimented by the owner’s choice of furnishings. Overall, this is a gorgeous apartment for a very lucky Brooklyn family!

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Beautiful Atlanta Restoration

Wednesday, March 4th, 2015

This gorgeous and unique mansion is located in the Kirkwood neighborhood at Atlanta, not far from downtown Decatur. The post-Victorian home features a traditional floor plan with a large and functional kitchen, two sitting rooms, and spacious bedrooms. Unfortunately this hidden 1910 gem fell into disrepair. The home likely suffered from decaying wood, slight water damage, and mold growth. Luckily, this mansion was scooped up and renovated for 16 months. The restoration focused on preserving the home’s original character while adding modern amenities. The result is stunning: a beautiful Atlanta home packed full of historic charm.

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Amazing Attic Renovation

Monday, January 26th, 2015

1A dull and dingy attic in Seattle has been transformed into a lovely living space for a family. The dark and damp attic was cramped and barely functional as an added space in the home. But with a smart and careful renovation this attic became a gorgeous room.

In order to transform this space, architect Gavin Smith not only had to design 2a brand new space, but he had to ensure the attic was dry, mold-free, and sealed tight to prevent any future leaks that might occur. Processes like mold remediation, structural drying, and restoration are crucial in these type of building renovations.

Once the space was deemed safe to inhabit, a chimney was demolished and a cathedral ceiling was added to open up the room. Skylights, bamboo flooring, and white walls brighten up the space, while built-in furniture maximizes the room’s square footage. This clever renovation took the attic from a barely usable room to a perfect work and play space Love it!


Shipping Container Housing

Monday, January 26th, 2015

1Three dozen shipping containers find a new use in this apartment building in Leon, Mexico. Designed by Adrián López Menduett, this building aimed to maximize space vertically while minimizing costs. Shipping containers proved to be the perfect solution: the modular design allows them to be arranged in any formation, and recycling them keeps material costs down.

The containers were sourced from various shipping ports around Mexico. Each container was repainted in its original hue to create a colorful exterior. Plaster walls were added to three out of four walls in the interior. The plaster walls add insulation, while the one exposed wall adds texture and character.

This stacked shipping container apartment building is a great example of how you can build sustainably and affordably while creating a unique aesthetic statement. Let us know what you think of this building in the comments section!