Expert Contents Handling Cleaning Service

When your home or property is involved in a mold incident or water damage, one of the first questions that occurs once the primary loss is under control is, “What should I do with my belongings?” Remediation Group, Inc. proudly and confidently guides our clients as they make decisions on what needs to be packed in or packed out of the affected areas. We understand the sensitivity involved when handling our client’s personal goods, and assist you in the packing, cleaning, deodorizing and storing of your contents.

It’s Personal. We Get It and We’ve Got Your Contents Covered.

Remediation Group Specializes in the Handling of your Personal Contents and Goods

Services We Offer

  • Contents Handling and Disassembly
  • Pack Out / Pack-In & Climate Control Storage
  • Contents Decontamination
  • Content Inventory Management
  • Structural Reconstruction – Fire Damage
  • Furniture Restoration

Remediation Group, Inc. understands that a catastrophe doesn’t just include the structure of your home, but also the handling of your personal goods. Our team will help you pack, clean, deodorize, and store your goods while we work on converting your house back to into your home.

We understand the steps needed to protect vital records and documents from complete deterioration. By utilizing the latest technologies, such as vacuum freeze dryers and specially designed sifters, we are equipped and able to restore books and documents that may be damaged.


Do you need assistance with managing & cleaning your contents after a disaster?

Remediation Group, Inc.

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