Mold Test Kit by My Mold Detective

A MOLD TEST KIT THAT WORKS – Exact technology the IAQ Professionals Use

Mold Testing KitSometimes hiring an Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Professional to conduct mold testing in and around your home or business can get expensive and take days to schedule. My Mold Detective™ (MMD) offers an effective, easy to use DIY Mold Testing Kit to screen your property for mold. MMD provides a third-party AIHA Accredited Laboratory analysis report, which includes a $35 per sample fee that is due during online registration. Finally, My Mold Detective delivers a mold test kit that utilizes the same methodology, “spore trap cassettes,” the IAQ Experts use – IT’S NOT A PETRI DISH.
Product Overview
My Mold Detective is the first professional-grade mold kit for consumer use that provides property owners with fast, affordable, reliable and quantifiable indoor mold concentration results.

By collecting mold samples with spore trap cassettes and comparing indoor and outdoor air, My Mold Detective provides the most accurate assessment of mold presence in a do-it-yourself (DIY) product.

Available for Home & Business Use

My Mold Detective’s mold test kit is the first-of-its kind DIY product that provides accurate, third-party laboratory analysis utilizing spore trap cassette technology and testing for mold like the professionals.

15-liter air flow sampling pump and spore trap cassettes
Uses testing methodology and technology of Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Professionals
Utilizes a patented air sampling pump and spore trap cassettes comparable to professional-grade equipment
Samples that compare indoor and outdoor air results to determine concentration levels inside the property
1 Tape lift for surface sample testing
Test for mold in additional rooms by purchasing MMD’s Accessory Pack
Product Features and Benefits

Fast, affordable, reliable, and accurate, including a network of support

Provides results that are quantifiable:

Delivers professional IAQ-level information on type of mold in and around property, and number of spores detected/concentration levels
Gives accurate analysis with controlled mold testing versus uncontrolled settling plate or petri dish, picking up unspecified samples
Sold as a complete kit to test for mold in one room
Separate accessory packs are available for testing additional rooms and surfaces
Kit contains: Mold Testing Kit

Reusable air pump
Mold spore cassettes to test indoors, and an outdoor sample – exact methodology and process IAQ Experts use for testing air concentration levels
Tape collector for surface mold testing
Three-Step Process:

Collect both air (indoor and outdoor samples) and/or surface sample
Register online
Mail samples in to My Mold Detective’s third-party, nationally accredited laboratory
My Mold Detective Help Line (1-855-MOLD-123)

Certified IAQ professionals connect property owners with pre-screened, qualified, accredited and insured Indoor Environmental Professionals or Remediation Contractors to perform additional services as needed, if test results justify additional steps
My Mold Detective™ patented mold air sampling pump – mold test kit

My Mold Detective utilizes an air sampling pump to collect an air sample, picking up all molds – even lighter spores not readily attracted to settling plates/petri dish sampling methods.

Collect a controlled volume air sample
Provides information regarding the strain of mold
Counts an exact number of mold spores detected and compares to the outside natural background environment
Determines next steps regarding need for professional mold remediation
Current DIY mold testing products only collect samples of heavy or large mold spores that land on the settling plate or petri dish
The only way to determine if there is an elevated mold condition is to take an air sample and test it against the air outside for accurate results.

Network of Support

My Mold Detective offers a comprehensive customer support system. Included in the mold testing kit is access to assistance from trained professionals to help consumers:

Access easy to read, color-coded lab report results
Receive additional onsite recommendations regarding property mold assessment
Obtain contacts for a network of pre-approved mold remediation companies, as needed
My Mold Detective gives property owners the opportunity to contact its help line for guidance concerning next steps if elevated mold concentrations are found through air and surface sampling and laboratory reports.

Mold Legislation

There continues to be growing legislation at the state level about this new and under-regulated industry.

Nineteen states now have mold legislation
Mold removal business growing 25 percent year over year for past eight years
Increased public awareness, putting mold remediation in the forefront
What Is Mold?

Molds are forms of fungi that naturally occur in the environment and are often invisible to the naked eye. Indoors, mold spores float in the air and settle on every surface. When mold spores land on a damp spot, they may begin to grow, multiply and colonize.

Mold Spores:

Come in a variety of colors, including green, black, white, brown and orange, and can appear fuzzy or in slimy streaks
Require moisture and a food source (i.e., drywall, carpet, wood) to grow
Often produce musty odors and mycotoxins that can cause negative health effects depending on concentration levels
Found everywhere
Occur naturally in the environment
Excessive amounts of mold cause an elevated condition, which can cause negative health effects and property damage
More than half of all causes of elevated mold concentrations are caused by:

Water damage that takes longer than 48 hours to dry
Humidity inside a property that is greater than 55 percent
Kit Cost

The My Mold Detective kit retails for $54.97
Additional spore cassettes available, as the pump can be reused indefinitely
Mold testing is paid directly to the third-party laboratory for an additional fee ($35 per sample)
Company Background

My Mold Detective, LLC is the manufacturer of Do-It-Yourself At Home My Mold Detective mold spore collection device, including accompanying service and support. My Mold Detective is committed to improving and evolving the Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) industry. By working with the industry’s experts in microbiology and engineering, My Mold Detective developed and manufactured a unique, validated and patented “Do It Yourself” indoor Mold Detection System to help clients screen their indoor environments for hazardous mold conditions. My Mold Detective, complemented by a comprehensive and accredited lab analysis, consumer support system and national network of prescreened, certified and insured Indoor Air Quality Experts, complete the full mold testing kit. My Mold Detective is based in Atlanta, Georgia.

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