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Well-equipped to Respond to Our Community

Remediation Group handles a variety of customers. We pride ourselves in supporting our community by providing quality services and priority response to Home Owners and Property Owners, Commercial and Business Owners, Condominiums & HOAs, Multi-Family Housing, Retail Shops and Restaurants, Healthcare Facilities, Government and Education Organizations.


Home and Property Owner

Single Family / Residential

At Remediation Group, we provide remediation and restoration services to homeowners in need. Our mission is to be a partner and consultant as you identify your mold or water problems and walk with you through the process of repair and recovery. The ultimate goal is to make this inconvenience disappear as best we can by briskly creating a plan of action to make your house a home once again.

Commercial and Business Owner

Condominium / HOA

From water and fire restoration to mold and asbestos remediation, Remediation Group works to ensure property managers, facility engineers, homeowners associations and community residents have limited disruption before, during, and after projects are under way. Our experience with property insurance claims allows us to deliver fast and accurate scopes of development. This results in a quick final agreement with the insurance carriers and expedited payments to the HOA and their owners.

Multi-Family / Apartments

No matter the issue at hand, be it water damage, fire damage, or mold growth, Remediation Group operates to ensure property manager’s and their residents are working and residing in safe, damage free environments.We see the value added in uniting with our clients to reach the ultimate goal, repairing and resolving the damage and make everything whole once more. Our experience with property insurance claims allows us to deliver fast and accurate scope of development. This results in a quick final agreement with the insurance carriers and expedited payments to put communities back together again.

Retail & Restaurants

Hundreds of companies have relied on Remediation Group to keep their buildings and facilities healthy and safe for their customers and employees. In our almost 20 year history, we have successfully completed projects at retail properties and restaurant facilities varying in size. Our real time response helps to minimize disaster chaos and business interruptions for property managers and their tenants. We understand the sensitive nature of undertaking projects while restaurants and retail spaces remain open for business. We work as discreetly and unobtrusively as possible with building engineers to eliminate interruptions to all of the functions of the space.

Remediation Group provides disaster recovery services for any fire, wind, or water damage issues.


In an industry where service and occupancy are paramount to success, nothing is more important than providing your guests with a safe and comfortable environment. When disaster strikes like fire, wind, or water damage, a speedy recovery solution is key to help minimize business interruptions. Our design-build teams can reconstruct your property to pre-loss condition while you continue servicing your customers. Remediation Group will work closely with general managers, building engineers, housekeeping, and food service professionals during the project to minimize business interruptions. With our know-how and experience navigating insurance negotiations, you can focus on getting back to guest satisfaction while we concentrate on restoring your property.

Healthcare Facilities

Hospitals and healthcare facilities in Atlanta are undergoing expansions and renovations to accommodate new technologies and increasing demand from an aging population. To ensure safety, Remediation Group works with healthcare facility administrators and general contractors. As a team, we design and implement an infection control program, series of engineering controls, and physical barriers to prevent airborne contaminants from entering patient care areas during nearby remediation, renovation, or other construction activities. Our staff stays current with guidelines issued by government and industry organizations. We are trained to operate within Infection Control Risk Assessment (ICRA) and Interim Life Safety Measures (ISLM) guidelines.

Government & Education

Remediation Group has worked with school districts and educational facilities across the country responding to a variety of catastrophes. From structural drying and remediation to turn key reconstruction projects, Remediation Group has experience with a variety of restoration and abatement projects in education institutions from K-12 to Universities. Our staff is trained and equipped with the proper credentials and clearance to work in in the education environment.

Remediation Group Insurance Information

Insurance Claims Expertise

Our philosophy is simple: The property owner’s best interest is our primary focus.

When it comes to water damage repair, we work directly with the individual suffering the loss—not the insurance company or claims adjuster.

Remediation Group, Inc. (RGI) is a water damage restoration company with over 70 years of combined experience in managing property damage claims. Having processed thousands of water damage claims associated with disastrous events like hurricanes, polar vortexes, ice storms, and floods, RGI has the knowledge base to facilitate all aspects of your insurance claim.

We Provide:


Thorough Property Evaluation


Multiple Site Visits – Walk with Insurance Adjuster


Scope of Work Development


Provide Opinion and Evaluation Letters
● Structural
● Electrical
● Mechanical
● Plumbing
● Microbial Evaluation
● Moisture Assessment


Detailed Estimating (room by room with unit pricing)


Negotiate Agreed Figure with Insurance Company


Quality Workmanship – On time and within budget

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