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Customer Portal Launched by Atlanta Emergency Response Company

Technological Advances Strengthen Communication with Clients

ATLANTA, GA, May 22nd— Remediation Group, Inc. (RGI) is a licensed restoration, remediation, and general contracting firm located in the heart of Atlanta. RGI has launched an online customer portal to strengthen job communication to their clientele. At the first of the year, the portal was developed in house by Remediation Group’s development team and released to a small group of HOA clients who were managing catastrophic events.


Dealing with a property insurance claim in your building is stressful.  From pipe bursts to fires and floods, these events are always a shock to the community. RGI works closely with property managers and engineers who are not just dealing with one loss, but many times, multiple damaged units at once. These jobs are complex and intricate and the team at Remediation Group understands that there is a need for an online platform, in which job data and customer communications can be accessed in real time.


“Communication and documentation are what keep our jobs moving forward successfully and provide transparency to our customers. We believe that no one in our industry is currently meeting the need in either of these categories” said Fred Rodriguez, Owner and CEO, Remediation Group, Inc. RGI is continuing to work to improve its communication portal so that clients feel confident and informed on the job status.


Customer Portal Features

  • Daily or weekly job updates – Property Manager & HOA Boards
  • Storing of critical job photos and documents
  • Project point of contacts
  • Email and text notifications – job status reports

Remediation Group, Inc. (RGI), is readily equipped to respond to commercial and residential water, smoke, or fire damage emergencies, and other environmental needs.  RGI’s strategic approach is to prevent further damage from occurring to your home or property, by putting a swift plan into motion and providing you with a partner as you navigate through your loss.



If you would like more information regarding Remediation Group, Inc.’s Customer Portal, please contact Delaney Olvaney at 404-856-4988 or

About Us

We <3 Our New Office!

We love our office! I mean, who wouldn’t? We have salvaged wood from an old barn, recycled bricks, big screen TV’s, and polished concrete floors. It has been a long renovation, but 100% worth it. Our team is beyond proud to show off the new space. Check it out!

Remediation Group Provides Mold Removal and Environmental Abatement Services
About Us

What is Remediation?

Remediation- it’s a big word! It’s the name of our company of course, but do you really know what remediation means and what we have to do with it? Get ready to find out!





the action of remedying something, in particular of reversing or stopping environmental damage.

The act of remedying something implies halting an undesirable situation and making it right again. In our cases, undesirable means uninhabitable. The buildings we remedy are damaged by water or fire, or infested with mold and asbestos. Therefore we have to repair the damage or infestation to make the building habitable again.

How it Works
Remediation Group uses several techniques to remediation uninhabitable buildings. One of the first things we do is a mold test and indoor quality air test. These tests identify the areas affected and help determine the degree of damage. Once the problems are identified, we use structural drying and/or dry ice blasting to remedy the building.

      Structural Drying: Mold growth is controlled by removing and containing moisture. We have machines for drying buildings and machines that move air to reduce humidity.

      Dry Ice Blasting: Similar to pressure washing, Dry Ice Blasting uses CO2 pellets to blast the spores from the building structure.  It is the most effective way to clean biological matter because it leaves no residue.

After our project is complete we always perform a mold clearance test. This test determines if the remediation techniques were successful and ensures the building is free of mold. This is the final step in making our buildings ready to be lived in again.

Remediation Group
As you can tell, we know a lot of about remediation! And we are happy to help with remediation projects big and small. We are the best in Atlanta for residential, commercial, and historical projects. And don’t forget, Remediation Group can do much more than remediation! We also have full restoration and reconstruction teams. We are a one-stop shop for repairing damaged buildings! Learn more at our website, and be sure to keep in touch.
About Us

Office Construction

Remediation Group’s office is under construction! For the past few months we have been tirelessly working on our new home in Atlanta. We have been salvaging wood from old barns, installing quartz countertops, pouring concrete, and putting in big screen TVs! And we are almost finished! Stay tuned for updates on the final stages of construction and check out the in-progress images of our office.

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Meet the Team

Hello from everyone at Remediation Group, Inc! We’re so pleased to introduce our blog to you. Thanks for checking out Remediation Response, and don’t forget to follow us!

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Keep Calm

Does your property have mold, water, fire, or storm damage? Does your house have a musty smell? Keep calm- Remediation Group, Inc. can help! Contact us for remediation, restoration, and reconstruction services. Or visit our website to learn more.