Remediation Group Provides Historical Restoration and Preservation

Historical Restoration & Preservation

At RGI commercial, our Historical Restoration Division provides consultation services to preserve and protect both residential and commercial properties. Whether the project goal is rehabilitation, restoration, or preservation, RGI observes local and national historical compliance standards and non-intrusive, remediation services. We understand that the financial undertaking involved in resuscitating an older property can be great, but RGI’s adherence to rehabilitation, restoration and preservation restorative services can secure eligibility for available HUD and historical tax credits.

Highlighted Historical Preservation Project:
Ponce City Market | Atlanta, Georgia

We have the experience of working with HOAs, developers and preservation officials from the town, state and national level, including the Department of the Interior. Working relationships like these foster a network of stewardship and sustain the property. RGI Commercial also employs industry regulated and approved reconstructive and restorative solutions to remedy the problems older properties face.

Our services include general construction and historical consultation, lead-based paint abatement, asbestos abatement, and mold removal of historical structures.

Remediation Group Provides Historical Restoration and Preservation

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