Frozen Pipes and Water Damage

It’s cold Atlanta! The arrival of Arctic air this week brought temperatures in metro Atlanta into the teens! With this bitter cold comes the threat of damage to buildings from frozen and burst pipes. When temperatures are this low, water can freeze inside pipes. The freezing forces the pipe to expand and burst. Consequently, burst pipes lead to flooding and serious water damage. Just one burst pipe can cause thousands of dollars worth of damage.

Atlanta has seen this problem before. The Polar Vortex of 2014 hit Atlanta in early January and resulted in a record number of catastrophes: thousands of buildings’ pipes broke, causing massive water damage throughout the city. Remediation Group worked on nearly 100 broken pipe and water damage projects in January alone last year.

If you’re home or business experiences burst pipes and water damage, please call Remediation Group. Our team is ready to respond to the many problems that result from these low temperatures. We offer 24-hour Emergency Services to expedite the drying and restoration process. We’ll treat the burst pipes while also helping protect your home from traditional water damage problems like structural deterioration, corrosion, mold and bacteria. Contact Remediation Group at 404-334-5827, and visit our website for more information. And remember to stay warm!

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