• Mercedez-Benz Stadium

Mercedez-Benz Stadium – Handrail Installation

RGI Commercial is one of City of Atlanta’s Certified Equal Business Opportunity (EBO) Contractors. Raydeo Enterprises and RGI Commercial partnered and were awarded the Handrail Installation Contract for new Falcon’s and Atlanta United stadium. Raydeo sought out RGI’s partnership for multiple reasons.

● RGI’s focus on Safety
● RGI’s proven track record of managing skilled labor for large scale projects
● RGI’s ability to develop labor efficiency and quality assurance processes.
● RGI’s Bonding Capacity and Credit Line availability for large commercial projects
● RGI’s Worker Training Programs

Location: 38 Magnum Street SW, Atlanta, GA 30313

Area: 7.2 Miles of Handrails

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