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The Dangers of Silica Dust

Silica Dust In Your Home Can Mean Harmful Exposure

What is Silica?

Silica: A hard, unreactive, colorless compound which occurs as the mineral quartz and as a principal constituent of sandstone and other rocks.

If you have undergone home renovations where crystalline silica is present, you could be at risk of some damaging effects that exposure to this compound causes, mostly involving damage to the lungs.

During renovations that involve work such as sandblasting, masonry, grinding, or sawing, be sure that your contractor is taking the necessary steps to contain the worksite dust. Silica can exists in materials such as stone, tile, brick, concrete, and drywall.

Should you need Silica, Quartz, or Vermiculate materials and dust removed and cleaned from your home or property, please call a remediation professional. Remediation Group, Inc. provides these services in the state of Georgia and follows the standards put in place by OSHA.

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