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Catastrophe Plans – CATPLANS

Whether your property undergoes a water or fire emergency during the day or in the middle of the night, having a thorough plan in place for your residents, or building tenants allows all parties involved to be proactive rather than reactive. Catastrophes derive their name from their sneaky unexpected nature. At Remediation Group, we feel that there is no such thing as over preparedness, because the more confusion at the time of your loss, may mean greater damage to the property, resulting in dollars spent repairing and rebuilding.

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You have plenty of items on your to do list, we’ll make sure ‘catastrophe management’ is never one of them.

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Catastrophe Plans (CATPLANS), are created by Remediation Group to provide to the management company and it’s residents or tenants, as well as our crews, easily accessible and thorough information so that, in the midst of an emergency, we have the resources to act with quick solutions.

Creating a plan is simple and free. It begins with a property walk to gather important pictures and information. We package it, you approve it, and we hand you a printed and electronic copy for your records. Completely customizable to best suit your property’s needs. Have a property in mind that could benefit from a CATPLAN? Contact us today to coordinate a site walk

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