Commercial Mold Remediation

Minimizing Mold Liability for Our Commercial Clients
REMEDIATION GROUP, INC. (RGI) is a professional, certified and insured General Contracting and Environmental Remediation firm which services commercial properties throughout Atlanta, Georgia and South Florida. RGI provides its clients with property evaluations or mold assessments as well as assists in the diagnosis of moisture infiltration sources which may contribute to elevated humidity. When disaster strikes, RGI assists its clients with catastrophe services including structural drying and dehumidification.
Commercial Mold Remediation Commercial Mold Remediation
Commercial Mold Remediation Commercial Mold Remediation
Having a knowledgeable staff is the backbone of RGI’s business philosophy and is what sets RGI apart from other remediation contractors. From Office Administrations to Field Operations, RGI constantly requires training and continuing education classes to keep its staff up to date on the industry’s most current guidelines and standards. Interpreting third-party protocols while managing remediation projects from start to finish is the type of expertise a majority of RGI’s clients expect and appreciate. Remediation Group, Inc. Owner, Fred Rodriguez, is a member of the Certification Board for the American Council for Accredited Certification (ACAC) and is an active member of the Indoor Environmental Standards Organization (IESO). The ACAC’s and the IESO’s primary missions are to promote awareness, education and certification for professionals. They assist in the creation and implementation of remediation standards while maintaining the integrity of professional remediation certifications.
Remediation Group – Mold Remediation Plan Approach
Evaluate the property
Identify moisture infiltration issues
Inspect building envelope
Evaluate engineering controls
Evaluate mechanical system
Recommend IAQ testing
Develop mold remediation protocol
Perform remediation services
Schedule third party post remediation verification testing
Commercial Mold Remediation
Methods and procedures provided by Remediation Group’s Environmental Division are in compliance with current OSHA Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) standards and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Regulations*. The following are primary services we provide:
Mold Remediation and removal, Structural Dehumidification & Water Extraction Emergency and Catastrophe Services Protocol and Remediation Planning & Consultation HVAC and Duct Work Decontamination (NADCA Certified) Furniture & Contents Decontamination Property Evaluations and Mold Assessments Asbestos and Lead Abatement Expert Witness Testimony and Documentation Third-Party Indoor Air Quality Professionals (Errors & Omissions Insured) Construction, Reconstruction Structural Restoration and General Contracting Construction Management Plumbing
Electrical and Low Voltage Painting, Drywall and Custom Trim Work Gutters and Roofing (Residential and Commercial, TPO, Bitumen, Hot Tar and More) Cabinetry Counter tops (Granite, Post-Formed, Stone, Corian, Marble and More) All Flooring (Tile, Hardwood, Ceramic, VCT and More) Siding and Stucco Brick and Masonry, Decking Heavy Equipment Required Services Demolition After Hours and Weekend Work Schedules
*RGI utilizes GA State licensed applicators to apply antimicrobial products as required by GA Dept. of Agriculture
For more information on mold and your business, read the following article by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA): Mold Remediation in Schools and Commercial Buildings.
Government Specifications for Mold Remediation
More Information
For more information on mold contamination and its threat to your business, home and health, click to read two EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) reports: Residential Mold Guide and Mold Remediation in Schools and Commercial Buildings.&*&*&

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