Decatur Is A Museum Lover’s Town

 Explore the Top Museums in Decatur

If you are one that loves museum tours, then Decatur is the place for you. There are several different museums that attract tourists from different corners of the country, and regardless of your taste, you are guaranteed to find one that fascinates you. Here are a few museums in Decatur that are worth visiting. Information can be found here.


Sights & Sounds Black Cultural Museum

This specialty museum located on Lawrenceville Highway presents close to eight thousand different pieces of art, documentaries, artifacts, documents, and book collectibles that provide an insight into black culture. The museum gives a chronological display of Black-Americans’ historical passage from their root existence and culture on the continent of Africa to the present day in America. You re guaranteed to leave feeling uplifted and re-educated. The best part is that it’s free and open to everyone. See here for information about Beer Tours in Avondale Estates Worth Taking Part In.


HomeGrown Decatur

If you are one that loves and appreciates different art forms, then this is the place for you. HomeGrown Decatur features various pieces of art and handmade craft items by local artists. A good place to stop by when you are heading somewhere, and you are guaranteed to find something you will love.


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