FedEx Project – RGI Commercial

ImageImageImageImageImageRGI Commercial was contracted by g2 Consultants to perform Mold Remediation and Reconstruction services at a FedEx Office location in Bradenton, FL.  The contract totaled $54,446.  The store remained open for business for the duration of the remediation and reconstruction.  The project consisted of the removal and disposal of mold and water damaged materials, as well as reconstruction of the affected areas.  Per the protocol provided, RGI Commercial removed drywall, ceiling tiles, and other building materials that had visible mold growth and/or staining.  We pride ourselves in utilizing best industry practices when performing mold remediation, such as IICRC S520, EPA – Mold Remediation in Schools and Commercial Buildings, and the New York Department of Health – Guidelines on Assessment and Remediation of Fungi and Indoor Environments.  RGI Commercial set up containments and engineering controls for the duration of the project.  Per best industry practice, full negative pressure was achieved in the containment areas with 4 air changes each hour.  Due to the center being open, a visual barrier was constructed of opaque plastic sheet and was installed on the outside of the containment.  RGI Commercial’s remediation efforts were deemed successful by a qualified, third-party, Indoor Environmental Professional.

The reconstruction phase of the project consisted of the installation of all reconstruction materials, including carpet tiles, drywall, cove bases, floor tiles, and ceiling tiles.  Walls were painted to match existing colors.