Smoke & Fire Restoration

Fighting Fire Damage with Dry Ice Blasting
Smoke and Fire Restoration
The destruction caused by smoke and fire not only wreaks havoc on one’s home, but causes devastation to one’s life as well. When homeowners have experienced property damage or loss due to a house fire, hiring a professional fire damage restoration company is critical to determine affected areas and expedite smoke removal and fire damage restoration services.
Remediation Group, Inc.’s knowledgeable and trained fire restoration specialists understand what it takes to get your life back to a new normal. From the initial inspection, to cleanup, to restoration and repair, homeowners are well informed throughout the entire process. Our mission is simple and straightforward: The property owner’s best interest is our primary focus.
Why Choose Remediation Group, Inc.?
Smoke and fire damage can render the home and surrounding area unsafe. Time is of the essence. RGI’s emergency response services ensure immediate attention so as to recover your property and possessions as quickly as possible. We strive to restore your valuables and belongings to their pre-damage condition.
The behavior of a fire depends on air movement and the pattern of smoke. Areas that may appear safe and unharmed can still pose a threat; smoke and fire can permeate into the walls of the structure, resulting in unseen smoke odor and fire damage. Remediation Group, Inc. provides quality service and peace of mind for homeowners during this difficult time.
Our Smoke and Fire Restoration services include:
Secure the site to ensure no additional damage takes place.
Perform a thorough inspection of the property, including a detailed surveillance of smoke odor, ash, residue, soot and other components of a fire.
Clean up fire-damaged materials and discard destroyed articles.
Eliminate pungent smoke odors using sanitation methods that meet industry standards and purify the air in the home.
Dry water-damaged areas that were impacted by fire-extinguishing efforts.
Begin fire damage restoration and repairs using the latest technology and state-of-the-art equipment to successfully restore the home to its pre-damage state.
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If you’ve been a victim of a residential or commercial fire, please call Remediation Group, Inc.—the Smoke Damage and Fire Restoration Experts—at 866-645-3391 or Contact Us Online. Get a FREE property evaluation today.
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