Mold Insurance Coverage

Many policies limit mold damage coverage while some exclude mold coverage entirely.
Mold – Insurance Coverage
The trained staff at Remediation Group, Inc. (RGI) is standing by to assist you in understanding your mold condition and how it relates to your property’s water damage. Remediation Group, Inc. is unique and differentiates itself from other mold remediation and restoration companies when it comes to the subject of mold. Many insurance companies’ inexperienced staff are ill-equipped when it pertains to mold damage and contamination. What’s more, insurance adjusters are trained to include only visible damage in their property damage reports. This typically results in the property claim excluding a critical step within the restoration process: comprehensive mold and bacteria testing.
RGI’s trained water- and mold-remediation consultants never skip this important step of discovery and will always work on behalf of the property owner to establish evidence, which ultimately results in mold coverage.
Professional mold remediation is critical to your home value.
If your insurance policy does not include mold coverage, Remediation Group, Inc. and the Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) industry recommends having a qualified professional assess the property. RGI will provide proposed recommendations to resolve the mold damage. If or when you decide to sell your home, you will be required to present a Post-Remediation Verification (PRV) Report or Clearance Letter to potential buyers and home inspectors. It is only when your property undergoes professional mold removal that you will be able to obtain this documentation.&*&*&

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