Comprehensive Mold Inspection, Property Evaluations

Comprehensive Mold Inspection and Property Evaluations

Property Evaluation

The first step in assessing your property and the degree to which mold damage and contamination is present involves a limited property evaluation by one of the trained Mold Remediation Consultants at Remediation Group, Inc. (RGI). RGI’s initial property evaluation is free of charge and a great first step for most property owners.

What to expect with RGI’s Property Evaluation:

  1. Visual Mold Inspection
  2. Assessment of Building Envelope
  3. Moisture Mapping (use of moisture meters)
  4. Relative Humidity (Rh) and Temperature readings
  5. Assist with determining the moisture source

RGI’s Mold Remediation Consultants may provide recommendations and estimate for either mold removal services or recommend a Third-Party Mold Investigation and Testing, depending on complexity and intrusiveness of the mold condition.

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