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Property Management /
Homeowners Association Assistance

Remediation Group can assist property managers, facility engineers, and real estate professionals if they find themselves in need of our full range of remediation, restoration, and reconstruction services. To us, it is crucial to act as swift problem solvers to ensure each community, property, or company, is well taken care of from the beginning to the end of each project. Remediation Group is here to extend a hand through the entire process and it is our hope that we are considered an invaluable resource to you, your BOD, and/ or your residents and tenants. Whether you have a quick question or are in need of in depth expertise, our team hopes we can be given the opportunity to be your solution seeker and make things whole again with each property we work alongside.

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We have the capabilities your properties and its people deserve.

We believe in the importance of providing “Real Response” to our clients, which is why we were led to rooting ourselves in the heart of the city. Proximity to your property is everything when a water or fire emergency takes place. How quickly we can respond and embark to the scene, results in less damage to you and less worry to your residents, HOA, tenants, or clients. This, in turn, contributes to diminishing the interruptions that come from unexpected events. RGI believes in going above and beyond to make sure inconveniences are minimized and the road to recovery begins the moment we arrive to the scene, allowing for business to continue as usual.

Not only does our response time separate us from the rest, but it is in our firm ability to manage a cluster of buildings, large and small, with quality people and resources, where we undoubtedly stand up against others within the industry.

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Prepare an emergency plan for your home or property.

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