Don’t Let Mold Get in the Way of Your Sale | Assuring Homes are Contamination Free and Market Ready

Don’t Let Mold Get in the Way of Your Sale

RGI can help in real estate transactions dealing with mold issuesSelling a home in today’s market is a challenge. As the inventory of available homes increases, sellers face increasing competition, requiring higher standards for maximum home sale price. An increasing number of buyers are employing home inspectors to look for things like radon and other health hazards. Homes that are infected with mold contamination face special challenges in today’s housing market. In such cases, mold remediation can make the difference between a quick sale and a frustrating wait for a buyer. Homes that pass IAQ mold tests can be advertised as such, raising buyers’ confidence that your home is the right home to buy!

REMEDIATION GROUP, INC. works with real estate agents, brokers, and home sellers to assure that homes are contamination free and market ready. We approach every home knowing that people will live there and raise their families. We recognize that each home represents the most important personal and financial investment most families will make. We seek to aid home sellers in preparing their homes for quick sale. As an American IAQ Council microbial certified remediation service*, we carry contractor pollution insurance that protects sellers from potential lawsuits related to undetected mold contamination and improper or ineffective mold remediation services.

*RGI utilizes GA State licensed applicators to apply antimicrobial products as required by the GA Dept. of Agriculture