Our Commitment to Safety

RGI Commercial is committed to safety and ensures that it is of top priority for all of our staff members at all times.  Whether you are interested in our government contracting services, remediation services or construction services, we guarantee that all of the latest industry safety procedures will be followed at all times.  Part of RGI Commercial’s safety culture stresses that all employees must adhere to a drug-free working environment at all times.

Construction Safety

RGI Commercial has built a proactive safety culture that stresses not only compliance with industry guidelines, but emphasizes   the human side of safety by stressing the health and welfare of the workers. The constructability plan developed by RGI Commercial emphasizes safety throughout each phase of the project with quality check controls and continuous monitoring. In addition, RGI management is continuously focused on the welfare of the employees by emphasizing safety from the beginning of the workday to the conclusion of the workday.  Safety is one of RGI Commercial’s core values and is in constant communication with risk management professionals to develop programs that encompass every aspect of worksite safety. It is our goal to have zero workplace incidents.

Government Contract Safety

During a project at Albany Marine Supply Base, RGI Commercial received commendable comments from the Program Manager in the contracting office for its outstanding safety plan.  RGI Commercial’s government safety plan exceeds FAR and OSHA’s requirements for human welfare safety.&*&*&

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