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Structural DryingOur team of certified restoration workers, water loss specialists, and mold remediators are trained to follow an organized plan with scheduled priorities and disciplined procedures. With our state-of-the-art, revolutionary drying techniques, we are the only remediation service worth your recovery dollars. We will save you thousands of dollars in ongoing recovery repairs. The key is response. The sooner you call REMEDIATION GROUP, INC. to respond to water damage emergencies, the sooner we can act to avoid long term problems in your facility. The plumber can fix the broken pipe, but for the water damage, you need REMEDIATION GROUP, INC.
In commercial and industrial environments, RGI uses large desiccant drying technology to expedite the drying process. We are able to mitigate further damage to your property through our disciplined drying process.
Step 1: Initial Inspection and Assessment of Damage
REMEDIATION GROUP, INC. professionals assess the damaged area and determine the proper equipment required to address the problem. We assure that our customer receives the most cost effective recommendation.
Step 2: Water Removal and Extraction
REMEDIATION GROUP, INC. utilizes portable or truck-mounted water extracting equipment to completely remove the majority of the water from the affected facility.
Step 3: Apply Anti-MicrobialStructural Drying
REMEDIATION GROUP, INC. technicians apply an EPA-registered anti-microbial agent to the water-affected surfaces throughout the work area in an attempt to prevent future mold growth.
Step 4: Drying and Dehumidification
REMEDIATION GROUP, INC. utilizes a rapid drying fan evaporation process with portable dehumidification and desiccant drying equipment. The combined technology assures the safe and complete drying of the affected area.
Step 5: Monitoring
REMEDIATION GROUP, INC. continuously monitors the drying and decontamination process, employing moisture content reading technologies that constantly measures changes in moisture content of the affected and non affected building materials.&*&*&

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