4 Crucial Steps to Take if Your Home or Business Floods

For those of us who have had the unfortunate experience of flooding in our home or property, you know that in the moment of panic, it is not always clear on what move you should make next. While you hope that this is never something you will have to go through, it is always great to be educated on how to ensure that you are limiting further water damage to your belongings and property by understanding a few critical steps in the midst of a flood or water loss.


If the water source is evident and safely accessible, shut off the water main or close window or door from which water is getting into the property.


Remove all property valuables that can be damaged.


Remove furniture from affected area.


Move as much off the wet carpet or floor as possible, especially objects with metal or wooden legs or supports. These items will stain the carpet or hardwood floors when wet.

After taking these steps, it is best to call on a professional to help you understand the source of the water loss, properly repair the source, and successful dry the property and extract all water and moisture. The quicker you can begin the drying process the better!

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