&*&*&A warranty is only as good as the company behind it. Remediation Group, Inc. backs its work with warranties designed to give you the confidence that we are still with you even after mold and water damage are a distant memory. Depending on the products used to finish your project, we offer 5-year, 10-year and 20-year product manufacturer warranties.
The final step in Remediation Group, Inc. remediation services involves the application of mold resistant treatments that protect the previously contaminated substrate (wood, drywall, and other materials) from potential relapse of contamination. Each of these treatments comes with product warranties backed by the manufacturers. Remediation Group, Inc. customers have the option of selecting from a slate of protective anti-microbial coatings for use as protectants. The following are products used by Remediation Group, Inc. professionals: Click logos for Warranty Information.
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Anabec (30 Yr Warranty, Unfinished Surfaces)
(7 Yr Warranty, Finished Surfaces )
Fiberlock IAQ 6100 (10 Year Warranty)
Click for Warranty Information
Fosters 40/51 (5 Year Warranty)
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The application of surface protectants is an important step in the remediation process. When used in combination with Remediation Group, Inc.’s thorough, certified and professional remediation process, you can be assured of the most effective treatment of your damaged facility. Chemical compounds and warranties are only part of the picture. When attempting to recover water-damaged property, consult a remediation specialist first – check references, check certifications – do the research and make sure the remediation contractor you choose carries mold insurance and sustainable warranties.

Remediation Group’s Warranties

RGI offers a One Year WarrantyONE YEAR Service Warranty
Remediation Group, Inc. offers a transferable one-year service warranty on all work, beginning on the completion or warranty start date. If mold returns to a remediated area within one year, Remediation Group, Inc. will return for a full treatment of the area at no cost to you. Remediation Group, Inc. guarantees the best treatment with a warranty you can bank on.
Third-Party WarrantyTHIRD-PARTY Clearance Testing Guarantee
Remediation Group, Inc. guarantees a successful post remediation test by a third party environmentalist following remediation work. If Remediation Group, Inc. fails the clearance test on a job, we will deploy a technician to redress the project as specified by the environmentalist. Following the completion of that work, Remediation Group, Inc. will pay for the original environmentalist to administer a second post remediation test. We will make sure your problem is solved to the satisfaction of third party environmentalist.
Remediation Group, Inc. maintains the highest level of protection for our clients. We maintain professional liability insurance in order to protect our customers from the cost of accidents that may occur during remediation. We also carry contractor pollution insurance that covers you against accidental events that may occur during remediation, accidents that may cause mold to escape or migrate from a contained remediation area to a clean area. This phenomenon is called cross contamination, and is one of the most frequent liability risks facing facilities remediation efforts. Remediation Group, Inc. protects you from cross contamination by closely monitoring the remediation process and by backing our efforts with the best contractor pollution insurance plan available.

Other Insurance We Carry

General Liability $5,000,000.00 Workers Compensation $1,000,000.00 Fleet (Auto) Coverage $1,000,000.00 Contractor Pollution Coverage (professional liability) $1,000,000.00


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