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Mold is a definite problem that no one wants within their property. If a mold problem gets out of hand, it can not only destroy a property,  but it also has the potential to ruin any inhabitant’s health. That is why if you suspect mold, it’s important to act with haste. Luckily, at Remediation Group, Inc. (RGI), we are a free mold inspection company in Atlanta. 

What is Mold?

Mold falls into the fungus family and can come in several different colors. These pieces of matter can be black, white, green or even purple. Mold is an organism that can reside both inside and outside. It is also very versatile, making it quite dangerous. That is why it is important to call a free mold inspection company in Atlanta as soon as you notice signs of trouble. 

Mold can survive and even thrive in many different areas if the conditions are right. Mold only needs concentrated moisture to continue to create a further mold that occurs through air traveling spores. In fact, you most likely interact with a slight bit of mold each day, although it is typically not harmful in tiny portions. However, when there are large amounts of mold present (either known or unknown) in a property, the risks become much higher. 

One way to protect your property from mold before it occurs is to control the conditions in which it blooms. Making sure there are minimal damp areas within a property is a great place to start.  An increased rate of dampness within a property can create a world of problems when it comes to a significant concentration of mold and ensuing spores.

Even with the best of attempts, mold can not always be prevented all the time. What should you do if, despite your best efforts, you think there might be mold in your property? Call the best free mold inspection company in Atlanta – RGI! 

Who Should Call a Mold Inspection Company?

If you consider yourself a property owner and suspect issues related to mold, you should definitely take immediate action. In addition, if you are even thinking about buying a specific property and noticing what may seem to be signs of mold damage, it is better to call a free mold inspection company in Atlanta like RGI to look at that issue for you. 


Current property owners need to conduct a mold inspection if they believe that potential problems are present within their premises. Current property owners should opt for a mold inspection if they notice problems within their property like unusual smells, areas of moisture and visual signs of mold. 

Current property owners may also want to call mold inspection professionals if they notice signs of water damage, recently had a leaky roof, or have evidence of leaks in the house’s general plumbing. With these particular issues, mold might take a while to present itself through the usual cues. This does not mean that the mold isn’t being produced, however. In fact, it could be growing rampant right under your nose! Where water roams free within the property, mold too can start to thrive.

It is not uncommon for property owners to push back repairs in some cases involving mold, but it is essential to fix water-related issues as quickly as possible due to the potential implications. Firms such as RGI in Atlanta understand the severity of mold within any property and are always available to come treat the issue. Remediation Group is a free mold inspection company in Atlanta and is here for both your mold inspection detection needs.

The Mold Inspection Process

Typically, the mold inspection process starts with a call from a concerned property owner to a free mold inspection company in Atlanta. Then, a mold inspection specialist will conduct a visual inspection of the property using tools like a flashlight and other devices that aid in the mold inspection process. In some cases, these professionals will need tools that help them get to areas that are not as accessible. They might even need tools that enable them to remove items that are obstructing their view.

Free Mold Inspection Company in AtlantaA few mold inspection individuals will even utilize cameras to document their inspection. Others instead combine this method with a moisture meter on the site in question to gauge the level of moisture in certain areas. A moisture meter is useful if there are potential issues that linger post-remediation. The mold inspector will also ensure to converse with the property owner about the specific areas where they suspect this mold to be or if they notice any particular areas with an increase in moisture.

A thorough inspector will use a variety of tried and true techniques to comb various areas and ensure that an inspection job is well done. They want to make sure that they look at all the usual suspects when it comes to moldy concentrations, as well as any other less-suspicious areas that may be hiding moisture. After conducting an assessment, they will speak with the property owner and talk about a remediation strategy.

Call A Free Mold Inspection Company in Atlanta Today

Remember that professional mold inspection companies in Atlanta, like Remediation Group, is here to assist you with your mold inspection. 

Reach out to the professionals at Remediation Group in Atlanta for a free mold inspection today!

Our team members have the proper training, knowledge and expertise to thoroughly and effectively execute your mold inspection.

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